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Three Signs Your Website Needs Updating

Your website, when it’s new and fresh and exciting, is like buying a new car, a brand new computer, or the latest smartphone. It can be…uh…new and fresh and exciting.

But like the new car, computer, or smartphone, it can get a little outdated. It might get a little neglected. It might even become slightly obsolete after a short amount of time.

How do you know if your website needs to be updated? Here are three things to look for.

The Copyright Date

Most websites will display a year at the bottom of each page. Copyright whatever-the-current-year-is. Some will even display two different years, such as the year that their company started, followed by the current year, separated by a dash.

But some sites won’t display the current year. This could be because the year isn’t being displayed on a dynamic site and being called using an alarmingly simple line of PHP code, or the designer simply hasn’t edited the HTML code to reflect the current year.

Whatever the case, an outdated copyright year won’t give you any bonus points. It may stick out in your visitors’ mind, as they may say to themselves, “Wait a minute. It’s not 2012.” It won’t give your visitors any confidence that your business is still operational. And if they don’t have that confidence, then you can kiss them goodbye.

This is merely one little thing. But you know what they say: little things can add up.

An Out-of-Date Blog

Blogging takes research, patience and dedication. And because of that, it also takes time.

Sure, you may be able to crank out a few blog posts. But some people don’t realize that the positive results of blogging don’t show up overnight. And when they feel as if the results aren’t there, they give up.

The thing is, you just simply cannot stop after posting a handful of entries. If someone were to visit your blog and see that the most recent post was from 18 months ago, it would look as if you neglected a part of your website. And if you neglected part of your website, how would that make your business or brand look?

As stated earlier, blogging takes time to research ideas, find a voice, and write an well-thought-out post. Sometimes, you may simply underestimate the kind of effort it takes to maintain your blog.

A blog that is consistently updated will make your business look better in the eyes of users who are looking for your products or services. It will make your business look active. It may help lend you credibility with your users.

Oh, and it may also help you rank better with Google.

Does it use Flash?

Back in the days when MySpace was freaking awesome, Adobe Flash was widely used for different aspects of web development. Banner ads, forms, to entire sites could be built using Flash.

Fast forward a few years later. Flash is dead on the mobile web. Steve Jobs himself gave it a stiff arm in his “Thoughts on Flash” essay in April of 2010. Advancements in web and application development continue to make strides.

If your site uses Flash for anything, it is time to upgrade it.

Like, in a flash, amirite?

Bad jokes aside, the point is that some changes to your website can be simple and quick, while others can be perpetual or major. The characteristics listed here can fit into either one of these categories. And if your website has at least one of these characteristics, then it may be time to invest some resources into making updates or hiring a web developer.