Facebook Adds Several Buttons with its Launch of Reactions

Now you can avoid the awkward situation of hitting the “Like” button on a friend’s Facebook post about a loved one’s death.

This week, the social media giant rolled out alternatives to its arguably most notable feature called “Reactions.”

Users are now able to choose from “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” and “Angry.”

They will be able to see these buttons when they hold down the Like button when using a mobile device, or when hovering the mouse over the Like button while on a desktop.

From Facebook product manager Sammi Krug:

When people come to Facebook, they share all kinds of different things, things that make them sad, things that make them happy, thought-provoking, angry. We kept hearing from people that they didn’t have a way to express empathy.

Prior to the global release, Reactions was already in place for Facebook users in Ireland, Chile, Spain, Portugal, the Philippines, Colombia and Japan. According to Krug, initial reactions have been positive, with the Love button being the most popular.

So now your Donald Trump-hating friends can emphatically click on the Angry button when reading a post about another mention of building a wall at the Mexican border, and your hound dog uncle can tap the Love button when viewing a photo of a member of the Kardashian clan showing some skin.

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