Don’t Leave your Facebook Messages Unanswered

Your Facebook business page is awesome, isn’t it? It’s like sharing updates and pictures, but to your customers instead of family and friends who don’t want to hear about your opposing political views.

But maintaining this page is more than just posting information about a discount on an item. Visitors will use this medium as another way of engaging with you. And if you don’t reciprocate, the consequences can range from losing a customer, having people speak poorly about you, driving away future customers, and a negative reputation. All of these result in revenue not going into your business.

According to Locowise, 65% of pages that enabled the publishing ability didn’t respond to any of their posts. Up to 87% of all posts went completely unanswered.

Your Facebook business page is a great opportunity to engage with people who are taking the time to ask you questions, and to show how responsive you are to their questions or issues.

For example, let’s say that Bill ordered a pair of pants online from an online retailer. The ordering and checkout process went smoothly, and the order arrived at his doorstep on the day it was promised. However, the pants were not in good condition.

Instead of calling the 800 number, Bill decides to go to their Facebook page to post a complaint. This way, he can also show pictures of how the pants looked when they arrived.

The company responds to Bill’s post in a professional manner. The solution can be any number of things, from sending Bill a coupon or discount code, to refunding his purchase, to sending a new pair of pants to replace the defective pair.

There are other ways to respond, such as asking Bill for more information, and asking to take the conversation into private messaging.

The point is, the company sees a situation in which a customer of theirs is unhappy, and works to resolve the issue. This interaction, seen in the Visitor Posts section, can leave a positive impression on those who visit the Facebook page.

But what happens if you don’t respond?

A couple of days go by after the initial post, and the company doesn’t respond. Bill’s frustration, which existed already due to receiving the bad pair of pants, is now growing because nobody is helping him. Did the company just take his money? Did he get ripped off?

He posts again, with a more agitated tone. Again, no response from the company.

Now, other visitors are seeing the lack of response from the retailer. That’s terrible that Bill isn’t being helped, they think. Since they’re probably not masochistic, they will save themselves the trouble and shop elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Bill is leaving a 1-star bad review of the company online, after leaving a third post.

All of that equates to the company’s reputation taking a negative hit on their reputation. A bad reputation means lost revenue.

What does this all mean?

If you’re going to maintain a Facebook page for your business, then treat those that communicate online with you the same way as you would if they were face to face. Engage with them, and they could possibly turn into loyal customers.

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